I have published a lot of research about the Income Share Agreement space. Below is some of my most recent research. This is not an exhaustive list — there are likely things that I have missed — but lists all of my most important work.

My research for Career Karma can be found here.

Research Papers

State of the Income Share Agreement (ISA) Market 2019” - August 2019
Income Share Agreement Policy in Higher Education” - April 2019


Here’s An Idea: Make it Easier to Repay Student Loans” - September 2019
How to Address the College Dropout Crisis” - September 2019
ISAs Could Open Up New Educational Opportunities for Millions of Underrepresented Americans” (AfroTech) - September 2019
Could ISAs Pave the Way to Accreditation Reform?” - September 2019
Colleges Need More Accountability” - September 2019
Building Strong Safeguards for Income Share Agreements” - September 2019
Why Student Debt Cancelation Is Not a Solution” - August 2019
Why We Should Replace Federal Student Loans With Income Share Agreements (ISAs)” - August 2019
Income Share Agreements, Meet Financial Literacy” - August 2019
Shifting the Focus to Dropout Rates with ISAs” - August 2019
The Problems with Free College” - August 2019
Is College Still Worth It? For Most People, Yes.” - August 2019
Are University-Bootcamp Partnerships a Good Idea?” - August 2019
Income Share Agreements: State of the ISA Market 2019 – Summary” - August 2019
Bipartisan Income Share Agreement Legislation Introduced in the Senate” - July 2019
San Diego and the Future of Workforce ISA Funds” - July 2019
Introduction to Income Share Agreements” - July 2019
This is Not The World of Subprime Children” - July 2019

Podcasts and Books

The Future of Income-Share Agreements and Life as a Publicly-Traded Person with James Gallagher” - Venture Stories, June 2019
Life Capital: Analyzing Equity Investing in People” - May 2019